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Membership in the Florida Brownfields Association (FBA) is designed to create an effective venue for anyone who has a sincere interest in or is involved in the many disciplines related to the State and National Brownfields programs. It allows members to participate in the personally rewarding process of reclamation, redevelopment, and revitalization of our communities while helping to preserve our natural resources. It also provides a forum of education and information exchange in an atmosphere of professional and social service.

The effectiveness of our membership is in the diversity of stakeholders who are all working toward the same goals. The benefits derived from membership span a broad spectrum of opportunities from career to service, and include educational, professional, and personal contacts with those who have similar interests and objectives.

With individual membership in the hundreds from every corner of the state, up to fifty affiliates from dozens of related fields, and partnerships with national and interstate organizations, the FBA is a strong advocate for the Brownfields program and a recognized influence in the legislation that governs the activities associated with Brownfields Redevelopment.


 * Download and print a PDF version of the membership application to mail in 


If you need additional information please contact FBA at Email:[email protected]  or call Becky Buice at 850-666-2947.

Membership Levels & Pricing:

Individual Memberships:
Student/Community Member/Retiree $25.00
Non-Profit $50.00
Government $150.00
Private Sector $250.00

Government, Non-Profit, and Community Organization Memberships:
Government (<75,000 pop) $350.00 (up to 4 representatives)
Government (>75,000 pop) $500.00 (up to 5 representatives)
Non-Profit  $125.00 (3 representatives)

Corporate Membership:
1-10 Employees $600.00 (3 representatives)
11-25 Employees $800.00 (4 representatives)
>25 Employees $1,000.00 (5 representatives)
Additional Members above 5 representatives $150