Member Benefits

Florida Brownfields Association Member Benefits


    • Networking Opportunities and Business Development - As a member of the Florida Brownfields Association (FBA), you will have unlimited opportunities to establish business and social contacts with others in the Brownfields arena. Through FBA membership you can learn where the most promising environmental activities are taking place, where assessment and cleanup grant funds are being utilized, and where the most aggressive redevelopment is being pursued. FBA networking also gives members insights to what Brownfields properties around the state may be available for investment and restoration.

    • Access to Experts - The FBA has a diverse membership that draws from every discipline in the Brownfields redevelopment community. FBA members include, developers, regulatory agencies, environmental consultants, attorneys, insurance companies, financial institutions, educational institutions and community organizations and advocates. Membership provides access to expert knowledge and experience in every field related to Brownfields redevelopment.  

    • Input into Brownfields Legislation - The FBA has very active Legislative and Technical Committees. Through these committees, members actively engage with state and federal legislators and rulemakers on a wide variety of topics of interest and concern to the Brownfield community. Through the integrity of experts in the wide variety of fields that comprise our members, the FBA is a highly respected organization that has established genuine and productive relationships with state and federal Brownfields agencies. 

    • Contribute Your Expertise - First and foremost, the FBA is a volunteer-driven service organization, working together for the advancement of Brownfields redevelopment objectives. Every member inevitably contributes something to the benefit of all. Through diverse and meaningful contributions, the FBA membership offers the opportunity to ‘do good’ as we ‘do well’ while accomplishing the goals of community restoration and revitalization.

    • Promote Florida Redevelopment - The FBA is dedicated to promoting community redevelopment in Florida, including health and education, cleanup of contaminated properties and reusing valuable existing infrastructure. Using the most current and innovative methods available in the industry, FBA members provide expertise to accomplish redevelopment in the safest, most efficient and effective methods available in the industry. FBA outreach programs offer knowledge and experience to communities around the state in the interest of curbing urban sprawl, eliminating derelict properties and urban blight, and providing communities with resources to accomplish economic redevelopment goals.

    • Help Develop a Platform of Brownfields Issues in Florida - National and State Brownfields programs continue to evolve. FBA recognizes that our state of Florida has unique environmental issues and, consequently, has its specialized need for solutions. The FBA has taken a leadership role in collaborating with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) for Brownfields reform, and its membership is constantly seeking better ways to employ the program for the benefit of Florida communities. Our accomplishments are a result of the diversity and dedication of our members. The FBA opens its membership to individuals, organizations and institutions that desire to be a part of the great redevelopment movement that Brownfields has become.

    • Excellent Working Relationship with State and Federal Regulatory Agencies - Working together with Enterprise Florida, the Governor’s Office of Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) and association-funded lobbying efforts, the FBA has one of the finest records of obtaining state incentives for local and regional community Brownfields programs. In a continuing push to establish ‘win-win’ results, the FBA has assisted with acquisition of millions of dollars in available incentive funding for local and regional Brownfields redevelopment programs. In addition, FBA members facilitate individually and in workshops, grant-writing oversight, regulatory guidance and grant implementation.


    • Annual Florida and Southeastern States Brownfields Conferences – Our conference is held annually in the fall.  Each year a unique venue is selected, in order to facilitate involvement of different communities and stakeholders and to highlight brownfield success stories in each area. At each conference, the FBA assembles a comprehensive group of participants, all of whom are involved in various aspects of Brownfields redevelopment.  There are opportunities to showcase local programs and those who were instrumental in their completion.  Stakeholders are introduced to providers of Brownfields products and services, innovative remediation processes, liability protections, financial resources, marketing tools and many other services necessary for the success of Brownfields programs.  In addition, educational sessions by experts in their fields reveal how federal, state, and local funds can be accessed to accomplish redevelopment goals, and incentives that are available for investors and developers. The regulatory agencies – FDEP, USEPA, and local delegated brownfield programs, are significant participants.  Every other year, we host the Southeastern Regional Brownfield Conference, bringing in regulators and practioners from our EPA Region IV.  Our annual conferences offer the largest assemblage of state and local regulators and stakeholders in a relaxed but informative format. 

    • Recognized Presence at the National Brownfields Conference - The FBA has a recognized presence at the USEPA-sponsored National Brownfields Conference every year. Prominent national Brownfields stakeholders attend, providing a unique opportunity for FBA members to network with some of the most influential people in the Brownfields program nationwide. Florida communities have received multiple Phoenix Awards at the National Conference, members of the FBA have been acknowledged for integrity and leadership roles within the Brownfields redevelopment landscape.