Tallahassee, Florida, April 2, 2021 - The Florida Brownfields Association (“FBA”)  Board of Directors recently considered the current legislation relating to soil and  groundwater contamination (SB1054 and HB705). Having considered the bill and its  impact, the FBA fully supports the proposed legislation, as it will promote regulatory  certainty for the brownfield redevelopers within the state.  

When asked about the bill, Melissa Schick, FBA’s President said, “One key concern  developers have is the variability of the site rehabilitation process. If passed, this  legislation could help remove one of the regulatory variables. I am happy that our  Board voted unanimously to support the bill and hope it can be taken up in the  necessary committees.” 

FBA is a non-profit, volunteer, service organization dedicated to advancing the cleanup and redevelopment of Brownfields in Florida. Working in cooperation with FDEP and EPA, we are a group of environmental stakeholders and professionals who provide brownfields information, assistance, and redevelopment strategies to communities and the public in the interest of revitalizing areas.