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New PolicyLink Report: Healthy Food, Healthy Communities
Last Wednesday, First Lady Michelle Obama announced a groundbreaking public-private partnership that has the potential to significantly increase healthy food access in underserved areas, particularly in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. Additional information found at <>.

Today, PolicyLink released the new report, Healthy Food, Healthy Communities: Promising Strategies to Improve Access to Fresh, Healthy Food and Transform Communities, taking a closer look at the impact of this access gap and ongoing strategies to develop new grocery stores, and help existing grocers, farmers' markets, bodegas, corner stores and other local food retailers expand their healthy food choices. Additional Information found at <>

UNNATURAL CAUSES is the acclaimed documentary series broadcast by PBS and now used by thousands of organizations around the country to tackle the root causes of our alarming socio-economic and racial inequities in health.  

The four-hour series crisscrosses the nation uncovering startling new findings that suggest there is much more to our health than bad habits, health care, or unlucky genes. The social circumstances in which we are born, live, and work can actually get under our skin and disrupt our physiology as much as germs and viruses.