October 27-30, 2019

Conference Presentations

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October 28, 2019

Christopher S. Emmanuel, Florida Chamber of Commerce

Session 1A

Forty Years of Progress: A Retrospective on Redevelopment of Contaminated Sites, 1980 to Present

Session 1B

The Lifecycle of the Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credit (Florida Focus)

Second Presentation


Session 1C

The Future's Vision for a Future Reborn: A Generational Approach to Outreach 

Ensuring Successful Stakeholder Community Involvement

Engaging Your Community with High and Low-Tech Tools

 Jose M. Gonzalez, Florida East Coast Industries  

Session 2A

How We See It: A Developer’s Perspective on Brownfields Redevelopment

Session 2B

Technical and Regulatory Challenges Resulting from the Historical Use of PFAS at Brownfields Sites

Managing Risks and Liabilities at PFAS Contaminated Sites

Session 2C

Land Revitalization/Lessons Learned

Brownfields’ Tools

Session 3A

Regional Planning Councils as Catalysts for Brownfields Redevelopment

From the Grave to Living - A Lifecycle Success Story Using Federal and State Brownfield Funding

Session 3B

PFAS and Remediation Options 

Colloidal Activated Carbon for in situ Remediation of PFAS: A Review of Multiple Case Studies 

Modern Mitigation Approaches for Addressing the IV Pathway

Session 3C

EPA’s Terms & Conditions, Site Eligibility & ACRES 

Community Engagement/ Team Development/ Partnering

Florida VCTC: What is Eligible? A Florida Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credit Listening Session
Host: Scott Sweeney, FDEP   

October 29, 2019

Session 4A

Lessons Learned from Successful Brownfields Programs

Regional Placemaking through Brownfield Redevelopment - Brownfields Hiding in Plain Sight 
Session 4B

Risk Assessment of Potential Inhalation Risks Due to the Vapor intrusion Pathway Using Building Pressure Control and High Volume Subslab Testing

Soil Blending of a Chemical Oxidation Amendment to Remediate a Petroleum Plume

Demonstrating Plume Stability to Support Risk-based Closure 

Session 4C

Surviving to Thriving: Authentic Transformation of the ReGenesis Project Area (Spartanburg, SC)

Environmental Justice Gone Wrong: The Untrained and Unsafe Worker

Session 5A

Inspiration Landing, Sheffield Alabama. A successful collaboration and brownfield success story

A Story of Partnership: Leveraging Federal, Regional, County and City Funding Combined with State Regulatory/Technical Assistance to Bring Healthy Harvest to a Food Desert

Session 5B

Deconstruction or Recovering the most from your Brownfields Project (TN)

Technical Justifications for Applying Alternative Cleanup Target Levels Over Large Contiguous Parcels

Session 5C

A Little Engine that Could: How B2H is Transforming Appalachia 

Harvest Hope: A University- Community Collaboration to Transform Brownfields into Healthfields

Session 6A

Strength in Partnerships - Heritage Park, Florida
Owen Christopher Smith

Charlotte's Light Rail Facilitates NC Brownfields Domino effect; An Economic Boon with the Right Partners, North Carolina 

Session 6B

Washington Mills - Repurposing a Ruin (North Carolina)

Public/Private Collaboration in Brownfields Redevelopment Sparks Economic Growth in Underserved Communities 

Show Me the Money 

Session 6C

Brownfields Grants and the Mutual Benefits of Partnering with Environmental Justice Communities

Rewind-Environmental Justice and the NEPA



Session 7A

Lining Up the Planets for Conditional Closure of a Five-Parcel Brownfields Project (Avoiding Mercury in Retrograde!)

Community Maritime Park's Submerged Redevelopment: Pilings, Divers and Things Swimming in the Deep

Session 7B

Private Financing for Your Brownfield Site: Legal Perspectives and Practical Guidance to Encourage Lender Participation in Brownfields Redevelopment
Pamela Schmaltz Presentation

Using Brownfield Program to Spur Redevelopment in Opportunity Zones

Funding Mechanisms and Catalyst Projects for EJ 

Session 7C

When a Community Runs Low on Charge: Jumpstarting Brownfields Properties to Add Energy and Lift

Health, Equity and Environmental: Snapshot of a Triad

October 30, 2019
Bruce Stephenson, PhD
Professor of Environmental Studies, Rollins College 
Session 9A

Biggest Mistakes Applicants Make
(Grant Writing)

Session 9B

Targeted Brownfields Assessment Site Specific Assistance and U.S. EPA

City of Mobile from REC to TEC

Urban Deindustrialization – Developers and Brownfields


Session 9C

Florida Brownfields Redevelopment Atlas: An Online Decision Support Tool for the Florida Brownfields Community

Incorporating Demographic Analysis in the Search for Funding – Brownfields, CRAs, and ArcGIS Online