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Presentations are listed is order of the Conference Agenda.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Session 1A

Brownfields 101-EPA

Brownfields 101-DEP

Session 1B

The Many Challenges of Brownfields Redevelopment at Former Landfills

Old Landfills: Racing to a 1st Place Finish in Redevelopment

Day One Plenary - EFI & DEO

Day One Plenary - DOR

Day One Plenary - USF


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Session 2A

Overcoming Obstacles

MNA Closure Strategy at a Redeveloped MGP Site in Florida

Session 2B EJ Community Day:

Midway to Midtown – A Long Journey

Launching Equity and Achieving Equitable Outcomes through Brownfields Revitalization

Environmental Justice – The Search for Authentic Signs of Hope

Session 2C

Brownfields: Beyond the Basics

Environmental Insurance - Collaboration and Trust between Attorney, Insurance Broker, and Insurance Underwriter

The Intersection of Your Needs & State of Florida Requirements

Session 3A

Stormwater Considerations During Risk-Based Corrective Action: A Case Study Update for the Former TECO/Hookers Point Power Plant Brownfields Site

Traditional Technologies Can Be a Drag. Rev Up Your Brownfield by Incorporating Sustainable Landscaping and Stormwater Design

Community Perceptions of Infrastructure, Flooding and Sustainable Redevelopment near USF

Session 3B EJ Community Day:

Community-based Strategies for Documenting Human and Environmental Health Disparities

Health and Equity Disparities

Health Impact Assessment as an Environmental Justice Tool


 Session 3C

Layering Brownfield Incentives - Lowering the Top Line to Raise the Bottom Line

Rails to Redevelopment

Analyzing CRA and Brownfield (Oculus) Data Part Two

Session 4A

Don't Blink: The Status of Environmental Cleanup

What Happened to the Contaminated Soil? Lessons Learned from Construction on Brownfield Sites

Session 4B EJ Community Day:

Environmental Justice and Sustainability Resources

Overview of the St. Johns River Water Management District and Funding to Improve Water Quality

Equity for Everyone: Using Florida’s Brownfields Program to ‘Squeeze in’ Community Stakeholders and Create Universal Benefits at Impacted Sites Undergoing Remediation, Redevelopment, and Reuse

Session 4C

The Case For Connor Park

Growth Management in the State of Florida

Submerged Lands Redevelopment: City of Pensacola

Day Two Plenary    

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Session 5A

Brownfields to Construction-Planning the Use of Brownfields Assessment Funds to Support the Constructability of a Project and Help Ensure Redevelopment Occurs

Utilities in Contaminated Soil, Excavated Soil, Extracted Groundwater and Stormwater Management in Contaminated Areas: An update

Session 5B

Dark Store Theory

Opportunity Zones & Brownfield Redevelopment: Creating

SynergyMulti-Site Performance Review of Liquid Activated Carbon for Groundwater Treatment

Session 6A

Sonic Drilling Technology: Putting the Green Back into Brownfields

Anthropogenic Background Constituents of Concern

Preliminary Evaluation of Area Wide Background Arsenic Concentrations in Soil in Western Palm Beach County, Florida

Session 6B

Miami River Marina Brownfield

Using Drones as a Site Assessment Tool